Quarterly Update

Jefferds Corporation


West Virginia-Virginia                                                                                                 1st Quarter 2017



Each year we recognize three people-the Salesman who produces the greatest amount of Gross profit Dollars for the Corporation; the Salesman from the other Division who produces the greatest GP dollar total for that Division and the Best CSS person according to a set of criteria.


The winners for 2016 are:

Monty Barnett (St. Albans) Salesman of the Year

Bob Short (Verona) Salesman of the Year for Homestead

David Cronise (Roanoke) Customer Service Salesman of the year for the Corporation


Please join me in congratulating these three fine men.



The Homestead Division won the Ascent Award from Crown for 2016 performance. This is the second highest award that Crown gives to its Dealers and there were only four such awards presented.


The West Virginia Division won Clark’s Dealer of Merit Award for 2016 performance. This is the third highest award that Clark gives to its Dealers.


Obviously, we are doing the right things right!


Joe Sexton of Smithfield Foods wrote, “Lee Gibson (St. Albans) is a Jefferds Ambassador and the best mechanic I have ever known.”

Jeff Kramer of Kramer Communications in Morgantown wrote about a rental “I really enjoyed working with your Company. Thank you.”

Samuel Lawrence of Super Radiator Coils wrote that Andy Trimmer (Richmond) “has our forklift running good and there are no more squeaks whatsoever. The Receiving Dept., as well as myself, are very pleased with the outcome of this repair. This is no surprise though, as Andy always does a great job for me when he does repairs at SRC.”

John Jones of California Cartage told us that he was “very impressed with the thoroughness and attention to detail” that Trevor Murray (Chesapeake) exhibited on the forklift PM that he performed. Mr. Jones was also impressed with Trevor’s professionalism.

A customer in Parkersburg gave us a Bobcat WOW and wrote that John MacIver “really does good work. Over the years, he has really made things happen and has always provided excellent service.”

Bill Nirmaier with Red Classic (Coke) called in to say the John Harris(Verona) is doing a great job of keeping all of their units in excellent condition. They had a warehouse inspection (via an outside source) first of the month and all of the units passed with an above average rating.

Ben at Bold Rock is very pleased with Ryan Harris (Verona) and new tech Kevin Marshall (Verona). He said they were very professional and thought they were the best mechanics he has had working on his equipment.

A Cross Lanes customer gave us a Bobcat WOW and said Chad Redman is “very polite, very helpful and very knowledgeable.”

Jim at Grants Rental said of Dustin Lewis (Parkersburg) “Salesman was very professional and took time to explain the machine fully.”

Craig Hicks of Intertape Polymer said about Lynchburg “a forklift is a forklift but the main thing is the service you get from the Dealer.”

Keith Mills of Cloverleaf Cold Storage complemented Mickey Emerson (Chesapeake) for doing a great job removing two old dock boards and installing five new dock boards.





Percie Hatfield son of Calvin Hatfield (Chesapeake) won the North Carolina State Wrestling Championship in the 100 pound weight class!


Rachel Huff, daughter of Earl Huff (Clarksburg) competed in the Statewide DECA competition in Charleston on March 12 and 13th. She came in third place in the Marketing Communications section!


Trish White’s (St. Albans) son, Colton, placed 4th in the State Archery Championships in March with a 264 out of 300 score. His school, Lakeside Elementary place 1st in the State and will be going to compete in the Nationals in Louisville May 13. That might lead to the World Championships in Orlando later this year!






Cindy Buckles is our new Sales Coordinator in Roanoke. She is married (Jeremiah) and they have two children. She was born in South Carolina and her hobbies include horseback riding, swimming, being a mother, being successful and making a difference.


Nicholas Carr is our new mechanic in Parkersburg. He is married (Kristie) and he has two step children. Nick was born in Charleston, enjoys hunting, fishing and dirt track racing. He comes to us from Frontier Communications.


Patricia Frazier is our Service Coordinator in Roanoke. She has five children and three grandchildren. She was born in Charlotte, NC and likes camping, fishing, the beach, traveling and cooking.


Shawn Hartleroad has joined the team at the Toyota Engine Plant. He is married (Laura) and they have two children. He joins us from Magnum Hunter Drilling and he enjoys fishing, hunting, anything sports related and family time.


Randall Harvey is a mechanic in Clarksburg. He is married (Tammy) and they have one daughter. He is a Buckhannon native and likes to fish.


Wendy Kelley is our Rental Used Sales Coordinator in Roanoke. She is married (David) and they have two daughters-both in college. She was born in Radford, Virginia and likes sports, hiking and going to the gym. She joins us from Commonwealth Tool where she was doing Inside Sales.


Kenneth Lyons is a new road technician in Richmond. He is married (Missy) and they have two teen age children. He was born in Hartford, Ct., comes to us from Virginia Forklift and likes camping and anything outside.


David McKinney is a technician in Clarksburg. He is married (Dickie) and they have two young children. He was born in Clarksburg, comes to us from Triple H Enterprises and likes to trim trees, hunt, fish and work on diesel trucks.


Kevin Marshall is a mechanic in Verona. He is married (Caryn) and they have two young children. He was born at UVA in Charlottesville likes softball and fishing and comes to us from Lowes.


Jerod Williams is a mechanic in Parkersburg. He is married (Anna) and they have a two year old daughter. Jerod comes to us from the Army National Guard and he enjoys building street cars and woodworking.




Randy Harrison (St. Albans) lost his step son in February.

Luther Williams (Chilhowie) lost his father in February.

Kay Wyatt (Chilhowie) lost her sister and her brother-in-law in March.

Jerod Williams (Parkersburg) lost his father in March.


We extend our sympathies.