Toyota Voice of the Customer Explained

Voice of the Customer relates to the customer’s opinion and/or perception of
service received from the company. VOC is feedback received directly from the
customer based on his experience.

Jefferds Corporation uses the TOYOTA VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER PROGRAM to help measure overall customer satisfaction.
Our score for each area is based on a possible score of 100.  While our scores are not perfect, they are indicative of an organization that is striving to meet and exceed customer expectations.  If you are looking for outstanding service, please try us!

Below are the categories in which we are rated as well as some examples of the questions that the customers are asked to base their rating on.

“How accurate was the delivery time quoted vs. actual?”
“Rate the fulfillment of commitments made during the sale.”

“Your opinion of the quality of repairs was…”
“How would you rate our prices for value received?”

“How would you rate our parts availability?”
“Were the parts and invoice correct for your order?”

“Please rate the quality of rental unit.”
“Please rate our overall response to your rental needs”

“Jefferds has kept me informed about the progress of our project”
“I understand the schedule for installation and Jefferds met my time frame”