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Jefferds Corporation
West Virginia - Virginia: 3rd Quarter 2019

Customer Compliments

Treva Allen, Director of Operations at Crutchfield wrote, “I want to take a moment to give Ryan Hawkins and R. W. Taylor (Verona) a huge compliment.

We had a conveyor install this past Friday. We needed both of our Hyster trucks for the install. As luck would have it, one of the trucks went down Friday

morning. Ryan and R. W. came over and struggled a bit with the repair but got it resolved in the nick of time to save the day and more importantly, the install.

They are both so pleasant and calm. They represent your company well. We greatly appreciate them and our outstanding vendor relationship.”

Taylor at Blackburn Batteries, reports Danen Ballard (St. Albans) “is the best guy we have ever had but I am his Dad so what else can I say?” “Really, he is great!”

Randy Hostetter, Area Shipping and Receiving at Dynax America, a Roanoke customer, wrote of a Wesco Manual Lift purchase, “I only choose the best.

Thank you guys for great service.”

Albert Loar, a Clarksburg Bobcat customer wrote, “Driver Joe Fittro (Clarksburg) was very helpful explaining the Bobcat. He knew what the Bobcat should do. He was the nicest person.”

Jim Prussia from US Cold Storage said that Kevin Deegan and Wesley Kelso (Verona) take “very good care of our equipment. They are personable, always

get the job done and they can fix anything.”

Stan Deslick, Two Rivers Farm LLC wrote, “Working with Joshua Mills (Cross Lanes) is a pleasure. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. I look

forward to doing business with Joshua and Bobcat of Advantage Valley.”

Wilma from Trim Runners, a Verona customer called to let us know she was “very pleased” with our prompt service in repairing her Yale forklift. She said

Dmitriy Lyamshin (Verona) was “very professional and knowledgeable” and she just wanted to make sure we knew how grateful she was.

Mickey Garnes, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor at NGK Spark Plugs wrote, “I just wanted to let you know what a great job the guys did on the project. This was probably the most “painless” project I’ve had for a long time. Danny Walker, Dana McClead (WV Installations) made a great team to complete this work with no disturbance to our shipment schedule.”

Walter Harlow (Verona) was “outstanding” in a recent visit to Gabe Bowman at Commonwealth Building Materials. Gabe says he has a good relationship with

R.W. Taylor (Verona) who does an “excellent job taking care of my trucks.”

Moving Up

Brandon Hash (Lynchburg) has moved from Mechanic II to Mechanic I.

Dana McClead (WV Installations) has moved from Installer Trainee to Installer II.

Chase Mathews (Clarksburg) has moved from Mechanic Trainee to Mechanic III.

Timothy Collins (Chesapeake) has moved from Parts Order Editor III to Parts Order Editor II.

Rick Redifer (Verona) has moved from Mechanic to Truck Driver.

Kevin Ferguson (St. Albans) has moved from Mechanic III to Mechanic II.

Abraham Nelson (Verona) has moved from Mechanic II to Mechanic I.

Daryl Morrison (Richmond) has moved from CSS to Parts Order Editor.

Ryan Hawkins (Verona) has moved from Mechanic II to Mechanic I.

Employee Excellence

Steve Patton, Danen Ballard, Ken Keaton, and Nick Adkins (St. Albans) successfully completed Doosan Advanced Diagnostics Training on August 6th and 7th in Buford, Georgia.

Jason Ringer and Chase Mathews (Clarksburg) have completed Bobcat Bronze Service Training. Chris Johnson ( Clarksburg) has achieved Silver Service status with Bobcat.

Jason Reece (St. Albans) plays drummer in a band and the band recently played “Live at the Levee” a big outdoor celebration held weekly on the River in Charleston.

Erich Hemmings and John Sadler (Roanoke) have completed Clark Material Handling and Safety Seminar: Lift Truck Operator Instructor Training Course held in Lexington, Ky. August 26-29.

Kim Adkins, Timmy Arnold, Kevin Webb, JT Shaffer, and Lawson Vance (St. Albans) completed Toyota Training September 24-26th for electric T210 and T220. The class was led by Stan Holley.

Military Updates

Jay and Sherri Beckner’s daughter, Kaitlin Eller, made the Langley News with her promotion in the United States Air Force! Congratulations!

Our Children are our Legacy

Correction to our last quarterly update:

John Hudson’s (Clarksburg) Granddaughter, Gracie, received a FULL FOUR YEAR scholarship to Florida State University and is currently attending.


Dustin Lewis (Parkersburg) welcomed a son on August 27th.

Frankie Ball (St. Albans) welcomed a daughter on September 16th.

Our Deepest Condolences

William Barker (Chilhowie) lost his Grandfather on July 6th.

Tim Arnold (St. Albans) lost his Mother-in-Law on July 24th.

Frank Stepp, our Parts Manager (Chesapeake), passed away on July 29th.

Brad Newton (Roanoke) lost his Grandmother on August 7th.

Faron Kidd (Roanoke) lost his Mother on August 9th.

Sean Loring (St. Albans) lost his Mother on August 21st.

Dustin Lewis (Parkersburg) lost his Grandmother on August 22nd.

We extend our sympathies to all concerned.

Happy Retirement!

On September 30, Mike Jarrett will retire after a 44 year career with Jefferds Corporation. Mike joined the Company, March 3, 1975 and is the 3rd longest

serving employee in the Company! He came to us as a mechanic in the then almost brand new St. Albans shop coming over from State Equipment. He

attended schools for Bobcat, Austin Western, JLG, etc. and primarily worked in the CMD end of the business. In 1984, he moved into Sales as the Bobcat

Salesman for the St. Albans Branch. He was back to back Salesman of the Year for the entire Company in 1995 and 1996.

In about 2000, we separated the Bobcat operation from the Forklift side and the Bobcat operations moved to Cross Lanes with a full blown team and Mike

became the Branch Manager of that facility and Sales Manager for Bobcat operations in WV. In 2007, he moved his folks into the current Cross Lanes

building. Along the way, he married Debbie (she had worked in accounting as did his Mother-in-law) and in 1984 they had a daughter, Stefanie Marie. Mike has helped to grow the Bobcat operations over time so that they represent about 30% of all WV volume!

Last year, as we started the transition towards his retirement, he stepped back into the role of Sales Manager focusing on the training and development of the four Bobcat Salesmen in WV and Bobcat sales reached record levels.

As he moves into retirement, we simply wish him well in all that he does and expect his golf handicap to drop and we know that most of the WV fish

population is dreading October 1 when they all become very vulnerable. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement and thanks for all that you have done to

build the Bobcat Brand for Jefferds Corporation!


At the annual Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indirect Supplier Conference held in June in Covington, Kentucky, Jefferds received the highest award that is given to suppliers; the Superior Award for Production Related Services. There were only 8 companies from across the USA that were recognized! Randy Harrison and his dedicated team at the Toyota Engine Plant in Buffalo earned this award with day in day out attention to taking care of the operation.

Food For Thought

A. Distracted drivers kill nine people each day in the USA

B. One out of four car accidents are caused by cell phone use.

C. Texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.

D. Cell phone usage while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.

E. All of the above

Which of the above statements is true?

The answer is E.

Take the Jefferds/Homestead pledge not to do the above!

Welcome New Hires!

Andrea Blake – is our new Rental Coordinator in Roanoke. She was born in Roanoke, and likes SCUBA diving, crosswords and Bible studying. She comes to us from Norfolk Southern.

Matthew Brookover – is our new mechanic in Parkersburg. He is a Parkersburg native, likes camping and joins us from DXP Enterprises.

Mike Coleman – is working as a crane technician in Richmond. He is married (Julie) and they have three children. When not working, Mike enjoys hunting,  playing guitar and spending time with hisfamily.

Joseph Fittro – is our truck driver in Clarksburg. He is married (Dru) and they have three children. He joins us from Entegra and his hobbies include hunting, fishing and sports.

Robbie Fletcher – is a new mechanic in Verona. He joins us from Charlie Obaugh GMC and he likes boat restorations, car and truck restorations and about anything to do with a lake.

Bernard Gray – is a mechanic in Chesapeake. He is not married and has two children. He was born in Richmond and likes sports, basketball and outdoor activities with his children.

Sherry Lake – is our new Service Coordinator in Chesapeake. She is married (Scott) and they have a daughter and a foster son. A native of Louisville, Ky., she likes to fish, hunt, boat and all things outdoors.

Nicholas Saylor – is working as an Installer in Roanoke. He likes to fish, shoot guns and walk his dog.

James Smallridge – is a new mechanic working in St. Albans.

Barry Thompson – is working in our Parts Department in Clarksburg. He joins us from NAPA and likes to hunt and read.

Carl Wolford – is a new mechanic in Clarksburg. He has one son and likes off roading.

Just Married

Betsy Harper (Corporate), married Scott Asbury on August 24th, 2019.

Amanda Lacey (Roanoke) married Kenneth Collins on August 31st.

Jan Lewis (St. Albans), was married to Timothy Trimble on August 31st, 2019.

Congratulations to both new happy couples!